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It's 5 o'clock Somewhere

Aug 1, 2019

Anita brings us to the breezy beach of Saint Martin, leading us through a yoga practice and a deep contemplation on how we are new creations in Christ, with the ability to reparent ourselves and heal from trauma. 

Jul 4, 2019

In this episode, Anita offers us a longer practice, celebrating the brightness of the morning sun. She discusses folks on the margins within the Body of Christ, and reminds us the a breath-led body leads to a spirit-led life. 

Jun 15, 2019

Anita offers a strengthening practice as we dive deep into old narratives, learning how we can replace them with new ones. 

Jun 7, 2019

Anita offers the benediction by Nadia Bolz-Weber given at the funeral of her best friend Rachel Held Evans. She leads us through a reflection afterwards. 

May 20, 2019

We all have a bossy self, or the voice inside our head that tries to micromanage and tell us all of the things that we "should" do. Anita Grace Brown leads us through a yoga practice helping us to manage and use that voice for our benefit rather than detriment.